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posted on 2-04-18

Each enterprise should have it’s headquarters and today is the day that Pinkman opens the door to it’s very special own place. It accumulated into a shop selling the Pinkman catalogue and what’s luring around besides being a hang out for the true cats in town. Situated around the corner at Rotterdam’s community radio ‘Operator‘ and BAR it’s becoming a little epic scene centre of it’s own!

Come by today to buy some goodies and here fine cats such as David Vunk & Identified Patient tear down the place in full effect to celebrate the mayden voyage and have a little listen to buzz into the vibe:



Privacy - BAR, Rotterdam - 05/10/2018
Identified Patient - Het Burgerweeshuis, Deventer - 06/10/2018
Privacy - Garage Noord, Amsterdam - 07/10/2018
Animistic Beliefs (live) - Griessmuehle, Berlin - 13/10/2018
David Vunk (ADE) - Disco Dolly, Amsterdam - 18/10/2018
Ernestas Sadau - Panoramabar, Berlin - 19/10/2018
David Vunk (ADE) - Studio K, Amsterdam - 19/10/2018
Animistic Beliefs (live), Pasiphae (ADE) - Oosterbar, Amsterdam - 19/10/2018
David Vunk (ADE) - Hotel Arena, Amsterdam - 20/10/2018
Identified Patient - Tivoli, Utrecht - 02/11/2018
Intergalactic Gary - Tresor, Berlin - 03/11/2018
David Vunk - Club Spock, Breda - 09/11/2018
DJ Overdose - BAR, Rotterdam - 16/11/2018
David Vunk - Club Smederij, Tilburg - 31/12/2018