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From The Hague

Pasiphae spent her early years in Greece but is now based in the Netherlands, where she has become a driving force on the West Coast’s legendary electronic scene. It’s no mean feat to make your mark on such a famous musical landscape, but her openness, experimentation and curiousness is what makes her such an exciting talent. Combining elements of Chicago house with shades of electro and hints of Italo, her music is mechanical yet groovy, always evolving and instinctive.

Not afraid to take risks and try unusual things, Pasiphae finds beauty in strange places and light in the dark. This means she has quickly found favour with two of the most interesting labels of the day, Artificial Dance–where she released Siphax, her six-track solo EP–and BioRhythm, where she released with the much loved cult figure Intergalactic Gary. The two of them plan to work on more music together having found a real kinship in the studio, and Pasiphae has also remixed her all-time hero Lena Platonos for Dark Entries: in addition to other exciting things, the remix will see the light of day in the near future. What’s more, her role in the West Coast scene will be recognised by Stroboscopes & Smokemachines, a music documentary that surveys the local electronic landscape as well as making use of music she’s made with Gary.

From being a little girl playing with pre-school keyboards through formal piano lessons and now an endless interest in synths and DAWs, Pasiphae is as fascinated with sound as she has ever been. It is that which drives her forward into new territory in the studio, but also the DJ booth. From Italo to trance via wild dancing and late night sessions locked into Intergalactic FM, she is unlimited in her love of sound, and it shows. Her sets can go from raw, messed up drum tracks to spaced out disco house via electro, leftfield techno, EBM, new beat and acid. She can rock a sweaty room in the dead of night, or warm up an early crowd with equal style.

From De School to Kaiku in Helsinki, radio shows on Red Light Radio, IFM, Operator and sets at Dekmantel Festival, Pasiphae is making waves around Europe. She has also recently been installed as resident at Noorderling, a new club on a boat which used to host the old pirate radio station Veronica. It has become her own personal playground; a place where she is free to take risks and explore the diverse world of sound she truly loves, all while feeding off the energy of her crowd.

“I like the contradiction,” she says of her style. “I like to keep an open mind. I don’t want to limit my musical ideas to just one dimension or genre.” But her aim is always the same: to make people dance and have a time they will remember!

Privacy - BAR, Rotterdam - 05/10/2018
Identified Patient - Het Burgerweeshuis, Deventer - 06/10/2018
Privacy - Garage Noord, Amsterdam - 07/10/2018
Animistic Beliefs (live) - Griessmuehle, Berlin - 13/10/2018
David Vunk (ADE) - Disco Dolly, Amsterdam - 18/10/2018
Ernestas Sadau - Panoramabar, Berlin - 19/10/2018
David Vunk (ADE) - Studio K, Amsterdam - 19/10/2018
Animistic Beliefs (live), Pasiphae (ADE) - Oosterbar, Amsterdam - 19/10/2018
David Vunk (ADE) - Hotel Arena, Amsterdam - 20/10/2018
Identified Patient - Tivoli, Utrecht - 02/11/2018
Intergalactic Gary - Tresor, Berlin - 03/11/2018
David Vunk - Club Spock, Breda - 09/11/2018
DJ Overdose - BAR, Rotterdam - 16/11/2018
David Vunk - Club Smederij, Tilburg - 31/12/2018