Representing a selected group of artists hailing in Europe.

Established in 2013, Rotterdam / The Hague.

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From Rotterdam

Marsman has been making an impressive uprise in the last few years hand in hand with a wide variety of artists whom he cherishes as his own family. All of this is taking place on his acknowledged label Pinkman and the slightly more recent founded imprint Charlois which is more dedicated on the left of the first label in subject. Being apart of the new wave of westcoast labels it’s easy to notice the same DIY vibe known from legendary platforms such as Viewlexx & Bunker.

But the man isn’t just the captain of this ongoing journey, he’s quite the DJ and collector as well!
With a strong affinity towards twisted electro, blistering EBM and vivid techno cuts he can seduce you from any angle. Want to get a glimpse in advance? Keep track of his Pinkman Facebook page for his regular IFM, RLR & Operator shows! The last station in subject, Operator, is partly ignited by Marsman himself.

Playing and throwing label nights throughout both Europe and trans-atlantic he’s been setting a new global tone from the first ranks of the underground to the dancing days of tomorrow and we know there’s much more to come. Watch out!


Identified Patient - Vague Train, San Francisco - 06/07/2018
Mark du Mosch - Magazijn, The Hague - 06/07/2018
Identified Patient - TBA, Los Angeles - 07/07/2018
David Vunk - By The Creek, Vianen - 07/07/2018
Das Ding (Live, OST special) - Station Hofplein, Rotterdam - 27/07/2018
David Vunk - In Het Zand, Utrecht - 11/08/2018
David Vunk - Lijm & Cultuur, Delft - 29/09/2018
David Vunk (two shows) - By The Creek, Vianen - 07/07/2018
Paul du Lac - Sugarfactory, Amsterdam - 23/07/2018
Das Ding, Marsman, Ernestas Sadau, Identified Patient - ?, Lithuania - 10/08/2018