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Established in 2013, Rotterdam / The Hague.

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From The Hague

Intergalactic Gary is one of the first participants  in the highly acclaimed Dutch West-Coast scene and earned respect by developing true craftsmanship in his DJ sets.

Gary is one of the keystones of The Hague’s fabled days. This is where I-F / Intergalactic FM, Unit Moebius and labels such as Bunker have risen as well.

In these days of glory Intergalactic Gary started cooking up the famed Cocadisco hits together with I-F as the notorious Parallax Corporation. Recently he did a remix with Mick Wills for Juanpablo and there’s, yes you read it correctly an EP incoming on the fabled Bio Rhythm. Stay tuned!

Gary can bring a big versatility to his sets but the outstanding mixing techniques is what gives the magic touch. A truly crafty guy!

Identified Patient - Vague Train, San Francisco - 06/07/2018
Mark du Mosch - Magazijn, The Hague - 06/07/2018
Identified Patient - TBA, Los Angeles - 07/07/2018
David Vunk - By The Creek, Vianen - 07/07/2018
Das Ding (Live, OST special) - Station Hofplein, Rotterdam - 27/07/2018
David Vunk - In Het Zand, Utrecht - 11/08/2018
David Vunk - Lijm & Cultuur, Delft - 29/09/2018
David Vunk (two shows) - By The Creek, Vianen - 07/07/2018
Paul du Lac - Sugarfactory, Amsterdam - 23/07/2018
Das Ding, Marsman, Ernestas Sadau, Identified Patient - ?, Lithuania - 10/08/2018