Representing a selected group of artists hailing in Europe.

Established in 2013, Rotterdam / The Hague.

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From Kaunas

All have heard of Digital Tsunami, the power network which took over Europe in the last decade, from Kaunas to Lyon and from London to Vilnius.

Throwing events as well as being one of the most outstanding platforms launching mixes online featuring a bunch of Phuture acts, up to keystone figures such as Ultradyne & Beau Wanzer.

Chief in command is Ernestas Sadau. This devious character has been bumming around since the last rave days, and fuels a global playfield of intertwined underground venues and festivals, besides being a resident of some of the finest temples of Hades such as Opium Club and smaller
shrines such as The Waiting Room.

Since last year the bandit put out several bangers on local tear tribe Pinkman, ranking among some of the finest cats like Identified Patient and Betonkust.

You want some of that Tsunami gusto? Contact us right here, right now!

Identified Patient - Vague Train, San Francisco - 06/07/2018
Mark du Mosch - Magazijn, The Hague - 06/07/2018
Identified Patient - TBA, Los Angeles - 07/07/2018
David Vunk - By The Creek, Vianen - 07/07/2018
Das Ding (Live, OST special) - Station Hofplein, Rotterdam - 27/07/2018
David Vunk - In Het Zand, Utrecht - 11/08/2018
David Vunk - Lijm & Cultuur, Delft - 29/09/2018
David Vunk (two shows) - By The Creek, Vianen - 07/07/2018
Paul du Lac - Sugarfactory, Amsterdam - 23/07/2018
Das Ding, Marsman, Ernestas Sadau, Identified Patient - ?, Lithuania - 10/08/2018